Dance for me
Second Prize of Nom Awards (short tales) of the Spanish Tolkien Society.

'Lieutenant, Lieutenant ...

Do you remember what was written in the interlinked rings? Bod'ominthadriel: Coming together again. Erinti, beloved, we have barely been able to enjoy our dream since the end of your exile in Celbaros, even we were so happy in Kortirion for a short time while we organized our marriage.

We should not have been separate anymore, but cruel fate sent me away and also Amillo, who, like me, had to leave to fight with who-must-not-be-named.

From here I do not see Tol Erethrin. From here I do not perceive the light of the trees nor the warmth of loved ones. In this wasteland, hollowed and poisonous, in which living and dead share the same place, I just feel the stench of putrefaction that emanates from the ponds where decompose friends and acquaintances.

But do not lose hope because I am confident despite adversity. Soon we will be together again and this time will be forever. You will dance for me under the trees and I will draw you ...

'Lieutenant, Wake up!' The young corporal shake him vigorously. 'Colonel needs you to send a message.'