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This website is about my activities related to the study of the work of English author J.R.R. Tolkien. My formal education and my profession are very far from activities related to literature or philology, but my hobby (which was born from an early reading of Tolkien's works in my adolescence) allowed me, in a long but rewarding process, to learn from others scholars and, over time, make my small contributions in this exciting area.

Over the years I have been able to contact with great scholars of this topic and also I established relationships with them and with other people of interest, such as some members of the author's family. I have also been able to share great moments of fellowship with many other lovers of his work, especially with members of the Tolkien Society of Span.


My activities in this area have been of various kinds. Since my hobby began as something personal, the study and research of both the author and his sources of inspiration occupy a prominent place in my activities. I have been fortunate to have managed to get editors and publishers to choose my works so they can see the light, both as books and as publications of another format.

My work has also been of interest to the media, so that both print media and audiovisual media have echoed them. This interest has been shared by other organizations that allowed me to expose them publicly in the form of presentations, lectures and university classes. But I have also been able to participate in ambitious events aimed at the general public in an organizational task in conventions, film cycles or exhibitions acting as curator.

Much of it I owe to "Uncle Curro", a research of more than a decade on an element of Tolkien inspiration that saw the light as a book and, likewise, had a great impact on the media.

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Uncle Curro

Uncle Curro.