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This is my main contribution into the field of Tolkien scholarship and is my personal contribution to the study and analysis of the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. This work affects the live of Father Francis Xavier Morgan, one of the "supporting cast" of the biography of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The origin of the relationship between Tolkien and Morgan goes back to the infancy of the first, in the early twentieth century, when his mother, recently widowed, made the difficult decision, especially in that historical context, to become with her children to Catholicism. Morgan, a mature Spanish-born Catholic priest, was a support to them.


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Excerpts of the book

Nobody is unaware of the influence of those that surround him and even those who mark tendencies, define fashions or become social leaders, are product, in great measure, of the links that they created with other people throughout their life, either in a voluntary or incidental way.
In the field of the literature these influences are more evident, since many times those that an author had a vital relationship, give form and inspired to characters and histories reflected in their works.
In this work we will investigate on the life of one of these people: Father Francis Xavier Morgan, one of those “supporting cast” of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s biography, well-known author in the literary world of the 20th century and creator of authentic contemporary icons as "The Lord of the Rings".
The origin of the relationship between Tolkien and Morgan goes back to the childhood of Tolkien, at the beginning of the 20th century, when his mother, recently widow, made the difficult decision, mainly in that historical context, of becoming Catholic together to her children. Morgan, a mature Catholic priest of Spanish origin, was a support for them in those moments.
Their abandon intensified the relationship with him. In fact the last will of the mother of Tolkien, fearful that after her death her two children were forced to abandon the practice of the Catholicism, was that Morgan became their guardian.
Father Francis Morgan became one of the main references of Tolkien. From his mother's death and until his coming of age (and even later) he was in charge of his religious formation, but also of supervising his studies, of his support and of his future.
We may consider him as one of the main responsible of the Tolkien's attendance to the university of Oxford, thanks to his economic help and indirectly to his initial opposition on the relationship of Tolkien and Edith Mary Bratt, who later would become his wife.
Regrettably, his firm posture against a juvenile love that could not contribute anything positive in those moment to Tolkien, neither for his career, nor his future, has conferred him an unjust fame of severity that is far from being real. It is more, it can be affirmed that his role in this question has been the unchaining of a hidden and unjust animosity toward him by the biographers of Tolkien.

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